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Rahul Dev all set to win hearts as Ranjit Singh in upcoming Punjabi film Warning 2, check out deets inside

Rahul Dev's upcoming Punjabi film 'Warning 2' trailer

If there’s one actor in the Indian entertainment industry who’s never really cared much about the language and platform and has always managed to put his best foot forward, it is none other than actor Rahul Dev. While many might consider redemption to be a tough ask, one should truly take lessons from Rahul in terms of mastering the art of bouncing back in life. Despite all the hurdles and challenges that he’s faced in life, he’s always focused on his work and has cherished the positives to become the star that he is today. His fans are now eagerly waiting for his upcoming Punjabi film titled ‘Warning 2’ and we can’t keep calm. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that Rahul is playing a ‘rough & tough’ cop and we certainly know how brilliant he is when it comes to playing the same. The name of his character is Ranjit Singh and the wait is now for 2nd February to see the film in cinemas. Regarding his excitement and experience about the movie, Rahul shares and we quote,

“The release date is approaching and I wouldn’t want to say much at this juncture. All I would request to my fans is to see the movie and enjoy it on the big screen since it has all that is needed for a ‘paisa vasool’ experience. Playing a cop is always a matter of responsibility, irrespective of whether it’s a good one or a bad one. I have taken care of my responsibility in the best way possible from my end. Now it’s upon my audience to watch it and share their feedback. Any project before release gives goosebumps like the first one and this one is no different. Wishing my entire team of Warning 2 good luck for this. We have done our share of hard work. Now, the audience is the ultimate king and queen. Fingers crossed.”

Warning 2 releases in cinemas near you on 2nd February 2024. Here’s hoping that the project does wonders for Rahul at the box office and may he continue to do what he does best and that is ‘entertain’. Stay tuned for more updates.