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After The Grand Poster Launch Sehnoor’s Webseries Fasal Goes On Floor- Check Out Some On Set Pictures

Poster Launch of Sehnoor's Webseries Fasal

Sehnoor’s Webseries Fasal Goes On Floor says, “Nothing could make me more happier as finally Fasal officially begins to start shooting” Check Out Glimpse From First Day Of Shoot

Sehnoor and her team have officially announced the commencement of the most anticipated web series “FASAL” at the poster launched event that generated significant buzz, the team behind “FASAL” is now set to bring their vision to life on the digital screen.

Recently, the poster of “FASAL” web series got launched in its poster launch event that happened in Chandigarh with all the cast and crew including the producer of the web series Sehnoor, director Mehraaj Singh, writer Taj and the cast Divjot Kaur, Chandandeep Gill, Shweta Sharma and Ashish Duggal.

The shooting of Sehnoor’s web series “FASAL” immediately started after its poster launch. Sehnoor, Mehraaj and Taj seen holding the clapboard of “FASAL” giving us the glimpse of the shoot of their web series. The journey of “FASAL” began with its eye-catching poster, which captured the attention of audiences. The striking visuals and intriguing tagline sparked curiosity and anticipation among viewers, leaving them eagerly waiting for more details about the series.

About the web series Sehnoor says “FASAL” We have aim to offer a fresh perspective on storytelling, tackling relevant themes and exploring the intricacies of women centric content. I always wanted to work on a story that deals with the problems women faces in their life, through “FASAL” we have tried to make a story that will entertain the audiences and also will deliver a strong message that will surely left an impact on everyone’s heart. I am very happy that finally Fasal is going on floor. We had a great launch last evening and today we have started shooting. I couldn’t be more happier then this. Fasal is my baby and I am looking forward to bring out a complete masterpeice to my audience. ”

As the specific plot details of the web series have been kept under wraps, the initial glimpses provided in the poster suggest a narrative that will throw light into the complexities of rural life and agriculture. By shedding light on these often overlooked aspects, “FASAL” promises to provide thought-provoking content that resonates with a wide range of viewers.

As news of FASAL’s shooting spreads, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of this much-anticipated web series. The compelling poster and promising premise have generated high expectations among viewers, who hope for a captivating narrative, well-rounded characters, and nuanced performances. “FASAL” is poised to leave a lasting impact on the digital entertainment landscape, adding another promising entry to the ever-growing world of web series.