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“Bajne do Shehnai….yaar”  will be loved by today’s generation: Lalit Parimoo 

“Bajne do Shehnai….yaar”  will be loved by today’s generation: Lalit Parimoo 


Mumbai : The first show of the new play “Bajne do Shehnai…Yaar” by the theatre drama artist Lalit Parimoo had been houseful and many artist were present at the first show. In association with clap center, Natsamaj is presenting a new, humorous play “Bajne do Shehnai….yaar” which was launched at Clap Centre, Malad, written and directed by Lalit Parimoo.

Avinash Kuri, Sandeep Jain,  Tripti Bajoria, Mahima Sogani, Geeta Agarwal, K Saagar are in the leads. The sets and lights are handled by Amit Srivastav. The music is given by Prem Kumar, Rahul Srivatsav and Siddharth Ranjan. Shashank Prajapati is managing the stage and backstage by Shashank Prajapati and Sharad Bisnoi and Siddharth Ranjan.B N Vishwakarma is the poster designer and Bhupali Tambloli is the producer.

The play is based on the story of an orthodox family where the parents are traditional and unable to cope up with the new changes whereas the children are opposite to their parents. This creates funny situations where both the generations seem to remain alien to one another.

The story begins with, Hansal leaving the parents’ home to live with his elder brother Mayank, which creates a stir in the family. Mayank encourages his younger brother to shed his virginity and enjoy life as an epicurean with food, girls, night life and no responsibility.

Mayank, who is a womanizer, after heartbreak with one of his girls, develops a deeper emotions and feelings for her and decided to marry the girl and becomes more responsible as a professional. Meanwhile the younger one blossoms into a playboy, imitating the elder one and has learnt dating, dancing, drinking and became irresponsible.  This creates a new, interesting and humorous clash between the brothers as both have changed and are about to lead new lives.

On this occasion, writer’s director Lalit Parimoo said that the story is based on today’s social environment, wherein a metro city, the live-in relationship is augmented. Its the satire on the carelessness of freedom of today’s youth. All the artists are very happy and before the show Friends and companions were a very enthusiast for the show and hope to be staged in the nation as well as the whole world.



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