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3rd Edition of Maru Manthan: A Forum to Celebrate the Spirit of the Desert starts today at the Thar Desert

3rd Edition of Maru Manthan: A Forum to Celebrate the Spirit of the Desert

Today, the Desert Resource Centre and Urmul, in collaboration with desert communities, gathers at the 3rd edition of Maru Manthan, on February 9-10th, 2024, in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. This distinctive forum serves as a platform to deeply connect with the land and its people, sharing stories of resilience and nature-based solutions amidst the challenges faced by desert communities.

The programme is being participated by representatives from:

Foundation for Ecological Security
URMUL groups of organisations
Ministry of Lowlands & Irrigation, Ethiopia
Camel Herders Association, Rajasthan
Jatan Trust
Shiv Nadar University
Bahula Naturals
Selco Foundation
Rangyul FPO
Central Wool Development Board
ICAR – National Research Centre on Camels
Samakhya Alternatives
Dept of Animal Husbandry
The Locavore
These organizations, along with esteemed individuals and community representatives, will contribute their expertise and insights to enrich the discussions and activities at Maru Manthan 2024.

Anshul Ojha, Director of Desert Resource Centre, remarks, “Maru Manthan is not merely a gathering; it’s a movement towards preserving the essence of the desert. Our goal is to celebrate the unique beauty and resilience of the desert while addressing the pressing issues encountered by its inhabitants. Together, we can forge a sustainable future for this invaluable ecosystem.”

Maru Manthan 2024 coincides with the UN International Year of Camelids, underscoring the significance of these remarkable creatures in the desert milieu. Participants engage in demonstrations of pastoral production systems, partake in panel discussions on climate change and community aspirations, explore innovative solutions for desert communities, and celebrate the camel production system.

The forum also marks the inception of the Desert Alliance, a collaborative initiative aimed at addressing comprehensive desert bioregion agendas through collective action.

Event Details:

Venue: Maheshwari Haveli, Barmer Road, Suthar Para, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Date: February 9th and 10th, 2024
For media queries:

Ms. Akriti Srivastava / / 8800822529

About Desert Resource:

Desert Resource Centre (DRC) pioneers grassroots efforts, fostering micro-entrepreneurship, and nurturing innovation among marginalized desert populations. By promoting sustainable livelihoods and environmental stewardship, DRC bridges the gap between tradition and progress. Our focus on youth, artisans, pastoralists, and farmers cultivates a robust social enterprise ecosystem, while our open-source approach fosters inclusive growth.