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Uorfi Javed joins forces with The Health Factory to spread the message of healthy eating

Uorfi Javed joins forces with The Health Factory to spread the message of healthy eating

The Health Factory, renowned for its commitment to wholesome and nutritious food products, proudly announces its latest collaboration with actor Uorfi Javed. This partnership marks a significant step in the brand’s mission to inspire healthier eating habits by advocating for the consumption of the right bread for daily nutritional needs.

Partnering up with fashion and social media icon Uorfi Javed, known for setting fashion trends, The Health Factory aims to captivate Gen Z and a broader audience through an engaging social media reel. The reel ad will be shared across various digital and social media platforms and major media channels, offering entertaining content to encourage viewers to choose healthier Original Zero Maida Bread over regular whole wheat or brown bread.
Expressing her excitement about the collaboration, Uorfi Javed said, “As an actor, I hold deep commitment to staying healthy. I consciously opt for clean eating, prefer gluten free products as it is the way to go for a healthier gut, while propogating healthier lifestyle choices. The Health Factory’s initiative is inspiring millennials and Gen Zs to reimagine their bread choices. It’s been an absolute joy being a part of this campaign.”

At the heart of this collaboration lies the message encapsulated in the slogan #Bread Badlo Aadat Nahi (Change the Bread, Not the Habit), reflecting The Health Factory’s innovative stance on reshaping attitudes towards bread consumption. Through compelling content, the collaboration aims to disseminate this message to a wider audience across various digital platforms.

The reel seamlessly showcases the brand’s range of breads, all free from added preservatives and colors, ensuring guilt-free indulgence for consumers. With Uorfi Javed leading the reel, The Health Factory harnesses the power of social media to spearhead a movement towards informed choices in daily consumption.

The Health Factory’s products are readily available for purchase offline at general and modern retail stores in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, or online via leading e-commerce platforms such as Bigbasket, Zepto, Blinkit, and Swiggy Instamart.

This collaboration highlights the unique selling points of Original Zero Maida Bread, emphasizing its freedom from added preservatives and colors, guaranteeing a guilt-free indulgence for consumers. With Uorfi Javed at the forefront, The Health Factory leverages the influence of social media to champion informed decisions in daily consumption habits.

About The Health Factory:

Founded in 2018, The Health Factory emerges as a trailblazer startup in wholesome nutrition, boasting a commitment to innovation and a dedication to challenging conventional norms. In response to growing concerns over the purity and nutritional content of commercial bread, The Health Factory takes center stage, dedicated to reinstating faith in this timeless staple.

With a resolute mission, the company aims to deliver bread in its purest form, devoid of any chemical preservatives, added colors, and maida. Prioritizing consumer health, their meticulously crafted range of healthy breads offers guilt-free options without compromising on taste.

The Health Factory aspires to redefine how India approaches bread consumption, transforming it from a mere source of sustenance into a beacon of health and well-being. Each bite signifies a celebration of unadulterated goodness, inviting individuals to embrace a new era of bread-eating that guarantees authenticity, quality, and, above all, prioritizes their well-being.