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Janhvi Kapoor shares concerns about her pet

On Sunday afternoon, Janhvi Kapoor took to her Instagram handle to share her woes as her pet Panda has been barely eating anything lately. In the video, Janhvi looked visibly worried, looking out for a solution to this regular occurrence with Panda’s food. She also asked her fans to help her with some interesting food options for Panda.

Sharing a video on Instagram, Janhvi wrote: You know how we get dull and lethargic and start losing all our stamina and shine if we don’t eat well and don’t get enough nutrients? I think that’s what’s happening with Panda too guys!

He has been so fussy about his food lately, he’s barely eating! I think I need to change his diet or introduce some new things into his routine!

Do you’ll have any suggestions for me? Help guys! What should I do?

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