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Zee Theatre announces ‘Daag-O-Hijab’, a soulful and poetic tribute to Daagh Delvi

Zee Theatre ‘Daag-O-Hijab’

The teleplay headlined by Shahbaz Khan will be screened on TataPlay Theatre

Zee Theatre announces its latest teleplay, ‘Daag-O-Hijaab’ which is based on an autobiographical chapter from iconic poet Daagh Dehlvi’s life and is a soulful tribute to his poetry and passion. Headlined by veteran actor Shahbaz Khan, it is richly layered with personal anecdotes and will provide an insight into Daagh’s creativity and personality.

‘Daag-O-Hijaab’ also touches upon the lesser-known aspects of Daagh’s life including his love for courtesan Munni Bai against the wishes of Nawab Haidar Ali Khan of Rampur. This is a tale of intense passion and possession where the name, fame, and glory of a creative man is up against the might of a powerful ruler. Watch the teleplay to learn if the poet is able to win the game of love.

Though Daagh passed away in 1905, his romantic poetry has been immortalised by legendary singers like Noor Jahan, Ghulam Ali, Mehdi Hasaan, Farida Khanum, Abida Parveen, Begum Akhtar, Jagjit Singh, and many more.

Shahbaz Khan plays Daagh with requisite gravitas and fervour supported by a sterling cast of actors including Payal Goga Kapoor, Sufi Sayyad, Hemant Soni, Satyendra Chauhan, Dipti Rajvanshi and Mithilesh Chaturvedi. The play is directed by Satyendra Chauhan.

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