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Yeh Naezy Rukta Nah – releases a new track, Vahem, within two weeks of his earlier single Rukta Nah

Naezy's Vahem

Naezy the original Gully Buoy today releases his new single Vahem. With this new track, Naezy opens up about the misconceptions around his much-talked-about stardom and personal life. The song sets the record straight on all the made-up controversies around his life, post the release of Gully Boy, a recent Bollywood blockbuster based on the rapper’s life. Vahem is Naezy’s emotional appeal to friends, family, and fans to recognize that hip-hop has always been a part of our culture – it’s the voice of our youth and definitely here to stay! It also serves as a wake-up call to the hip-hop community to evolve with time and find their unique styles.

Commenting on the release of his new single, Naezy said, “Vahem is an extension of my earlier single Rukta Nah – that was about how I overcame various obstacles in my life, while Vahem is about breaking the perception that people have created about the choices I’ve made in my life. I’ve chosen to follow my dreams, despite it not being welcomed by a lot of people around me. My work speaks for itself, and I shouldn’t be judged based on false perceptions created around the dark side of hip-hop culture.”

From shooting his DIY style videos on the streets to shooting at The YouTube space in Mumbai, Naezy’s journey is an inspirational one. “I’ve always wanted to shoot indoors and not worry about the expenses for a music video. YouTube gave us the perfect setting for it and really supported our vision,” said Naezy.

The music video for Vahem is available on Naezy’s Youtube channel, ‘Naezy TV’ and the audio is out on all streaming platforms.

About Big Bang Music: Big Bang Music is a new age pop label launched recently as a JV between Kwan and Sony Music. Under the leadership of its co-founder Gaurav Wadhwa, Big Bang Music will develop a roster of stars to cater to the fast-growing Pop Culture Market and serve the growing need from Digital Content Platforms, Brands and Live Experiences for new age celebrities and fans who are digital natives. They currently manage Shalmali and Naezy.

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Naezy New Video Song ‘Vahem’:

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