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With varied personal traditions and pure joy, these celebrities celebrate the Festival of Lights

celebrities celebrate the Festival of Lights

Seema Pahwa, Brijendra Kala, Virendra Saxena, and Aditi Pohankar share what Diwali means to them

For some, Diwali is a cherished tradition deeply rooted in its rich rituals, the delight of savouring delectable treats, the joy of adorning the home with lights, and the exchange of heartfelt gifts; while for others, the true magic of Diwali lies in the warmth of family and friends coming together.

Seema Pahwa, the multifaceted talent who recently directed Zee Theatre’s widely acclaimed literary anthology ‘Koi Baat Chale’ and also worked in the teleplay ‘Hasmukh Sahab Ki Wasiyat’ apart from juggling varied roles in cinema and OTT platforms, shares how she celebrates the festival. “Diwali is about savouring sweets, cooking delicious meals, decorating my home, doing a traditional pooja, and getting new clothes tailored for the occasion. It’s the perfect way to welcome goddess Laxmi,” she says and recalls how her father would place money in her hand on Diwali night when she was young. She says wistfully, “I would wake up in the morning to find a coin in my hands! Memories like these remind us of the love and warmth our parents surrounded us with. I also believe in carrying forward such traditions and creating happy memories for my children.”

Theatre, film, and television veteran Virendra Saxena, who stars in Zee Theatre’s popular teleplay ‘Jana Tha Roshanpura,’ thinks there is a vast difference in the way small towns and big cities celebrate Diwali. He explains, “I remember watching Ramleela in a colorful and lively atmosphere with a crowd when I was growing up. In a city like Mumbai however, one must create a sense of community by getting together with friends and relatives to share meals and to enjoy each other’s company.”

For another theatre and cinema veteran Brijendra Kala, who has worked in teleplays like ‘Boichek’ and ‘The Will,’ Diwali is steeped in nostalgia and he reminisces, “When I was younger, Diwali was all about fun and lighting fireworks. However, things have evolved and many people refrain from bursting crackers to address pollution. Still, this is a festival that reminds us that there is light at the end of every tunnel and that is what makes it beautiful.”

OTT star Aditi Pohankar, who has also featured in Zee Theatre’s teleplay ‘Typecaste’ believes Diwali is an occasion to bring joy to others. She says, “Festivals like Diwali should bring people together regardless of their caste, creed, and social status. We have become so disconnected from each other and this is one day when we should make an effort to reach out and help someone in need. I still remember the joy on the face of my househelp when I brought some gifts for her family during the festival.”

She also celebrates Diwali with her friends and family but in the age of social media, feels compelled to share glimpses of the festivities with fans on social media. “Even though I’m not really great with social media, I enjoy greeting fans and sending them Diwali wishes. It is after all a day dedicated to sharing joy and light,” she concludes.