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What is this “Lovehouse” that Celebrities are talking about?

What is this “Lovehouse”

It seems like an online reality show, where celebrity couples are participating to test their love and get fame. The website claims it is India’s 1st online reality show which is going to be live 24/7 for 6 days. This would be one of the longest live streams done on a mobile phone worldwide.

Many eminent celebrities have been questioned about their participation in Love House. As of now KK Goswami has confirmed while many like Donal Bisht, Chandani, Simran remain secretive about it.

Love House looks like a couples-only which is timed perfectly with the Valentines’ week right around the corner. Reality shows such as Bigg Boss, Splitsvilla, Lock-Upp have been extremely popular in the country so if that trend is anything to go by, we could have something interesting with Love House.

As per the official website (, along with prizes over 5 Lakh, the winners will get a chance to meet with our very own, Bollywood ka Shehzada, Kartik Aaryan.

Registrations for Lovehouse seem to be in full swing with over 50,000 couples having registered already.

The show seems to be produced by Eloelo which is a live streaming and social gaming app.


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