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What inspired Preeti Jhangiani to take Indian armwrestling to new heights globally? Read inspiring details

Preeti Jhangiani to take Indian armwrestling

Preeti Jhangiani’s fan following and credibility as an actress is known to all. She’s been a part of some stellar projects in the past as a lead and well, even today, she’s loved and rated immensely highly by her fans and admirers. For some, she’s still the ‘Mohabbatein’ diva and the ‘OG crush’ of many. In the past as well on many occasions, we have seen actresses follow their passion and do something different simultaneously along with their acting stint. While it is business and entrepreneurship for others as well, it can proudly be said by all fans of Preeti Jhangiani that no other actress in the past has tapped the area which Preeti did through her visionary approach.

Preeti, who’s also the founder of ‘Pro Panja League’ alongside her husband Parvin Dabas saw immense potential in the armwrestling sport in the country and that’s when, she decided to do her bit to help the sport reach new heights by taking it to the global level. While everyone knows the success of Pro Panja League and how some of the athletes have even made India proud at the global level, not many perhaps know the story behind Preeti getting the idea of doing something on this note.

Well, it all started for Preeti from one simple match. Yes, that’s right. Long back, Preeti was there present with her husband Parvin Dabas at a stadium in Vizag watching armwrestling and she was stunned to see the excitement and zeal among the youth and the young kids regarding the sport. Realising that the sport has tremendous potential in our country, given the kind of talent India has, Preeti, with her one-of-a-kind visionary approach decided to do everything needed to make it the next big sport in the country. And well, from there to Pro Panja League to her eventually becoming the President of People’s Armwrestling Federation India & Chairperson of Women’s Commission MMA India Federation, the journey has indeed been incredible. To add to that, some time back, Preeti was present physically at Uzbekistan for the Asian Cup where she witnessed India’s Airi Kmen win the bronze for India in the 50kg youth category in Asian Cup Armwrestling Championship 2023. From starting off as a simple idea to helping India earn a bronze medal through her visionary approach, Preeti certainly deserves a lot more credit than what she probably gets.

Well, here’s hoping that Preeti continues to win hearts of one and all with her acting as well as entrepreneurship so that India continues to reach new heights in the sport. On the work front, Preeti Jhangiani is set to have interesting work projects going forward, the announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.