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Watch Bollywood Ki Booti, a fun, light-hearted original series only on Eros Now!

Bollywood Ki Booti on Eros Now

Eros Now, South Asia’s leading streaming entertainment service owned by the Eros STX Global Corporation (NYSE: EROS), a Global Entertainment company, recently announced an exciting animated original series ‘Bollywood Ki Booti’. Bollywood Ki Booti is full of funny anecdotes of eccentric Booti Baba who tells the ‘moral’ tales from his favourite Bollywood Movies to his flat-mate Pendu. This quirky animated series will surely rekindle the hearts of the viewers with the love for Bollywood movies. Also, every intriguing episode ends on a high note with a noteworthy takeaway.

This original series is created by an ensemble crew of 3 talented artists – Rajeev, Anuj and Yogesh who run a popular YouTube Channel ‘Yogi Baba’. Bollywood Ki Booti is a never seen before animated series which will bring back the memories of the cult classic nostalgic Hindi movies in the snacker nutshell videos. The lead character of the show, Pendu, a good-for-nothing lad always comes to his flatmate Booti Baba with his bizarre problems. Baba has a unique way of using Bollywood movies for teaching him life lessons. This hilarious pair of Pendu and Booti Baba will take you on a fun laughter ride.

Commenting on this latest addition, Ridhima Lulla, Chief Content Officer, Eros Group mentions, “As we keep our promise of presenting some trailblazing content, we are pleased to announce Bollywood Ki Booti, an original series that starts off with an animated character Pendu who always has some of the other complaints about his life and ends up with listening Booti Baba narrating him a funny story from one of the most popular Hindi movies of our time. This teaches him a worthwhile lesson and clears his head. The idea is to reignite the love for Hindi movies that people have loved throughout decades and remind them of all the beautiful emotions that they have attached with these movies.”

Bollywood Ki Booti is a series of merriment lessons taught by Booti Baba to Pendu by capturing the art of storytelling in short narrative videos but with a twist of two animated characters. Each episode will take you through a flashback of few incredible Bollywood titles which will also give your life lessons inspired by these Bollywood titles. If you are a die-hard fan of Hindi movies, Bollywood Ki Booti is a phenomenal gift tailor-made by Eros Now, especially for you.

Watch Bollywood Ki Booti from the streaming now only on Eros Now!