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Actor like Irrfan Khan’s Graveyard deserves more dignity and respect not only from Bollywood but Also from all of us

Irrfan Khan's Graveyard

Leaving millions of his fans, friends and family reeling in shock, actor Irrfan Khan died on April 29 in Mumbai’s Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, where he was being treated for a colon infection.

He left us 5 months ago. But all of his friends and fans will get hurt when they will know that their beloved Actor Irrfan Khan’s graveyard surrounded with wild plants.

This came into the focus when Irrfan Khan’s friend, actor Chandan Roy Sanyal has shared pictures of Irrfan’s final resting place. Chandan said that he was feeling guilty about not having visited Irrfan’s grave for months and decided to go and offer some flowers.

Late actor Irrfan Khan is being sorely missed by his friend, actor Chandan Roy Sanyal. After thinking about Irrfan for days, Chandan decided to visit the actor’s grave and pay his tributes.

Chandan shares pictures of the graveyard and of Irrfan’s grave, which was surrounded by plants and a lot of greenery. “Was missing Irrfan since yesterday, beating myself for not having gone to his tomb for 4 months. Today i went, there he was resting alone with no-one around with plants. In silence. I left him some Rajnigandha and took a piece of him back with his blessings. So long #IrrfanKhan,” he wrote with his post.

This is very emotional and painful for all his friends and family member because he was not only an actor he was also a good human being looked like next doorman. But with his talent, he not only received fame in Bollywood but also in Hollywood. So now he rests in this deserted graveyard alone with no maintenance by the authority. At least he received some attention from the authority who maintain all these and give some respect to him.

Irrfan died in April of colon infection after a two year-long battle with neuroendocrine tumour. After his death, his wife Sutapa Sikdar had shared a statement on the behalf of her two sons Ayan and Babil and herself but said she cannot term Irrfan’s death a ‘personal loss’ as so many mourn with them.

His son Babil recently said that Irrfan constantly tried to challenge the existing ecosystem in the Hindi film industry, but he would be defeated at the box office by hunks with six-pack abs delivering formulaic dialogues. “My father gave his life trying to elevate the art of acting in the adverse conditions of noughties Bollywood and alas, for almost all of his journey, was defeated in the box office by hunks with six-pack abs delivering theatrical one-liners and defying the laws of physics and reality.” Babil wrote in a long Instagram post recalling his father’s struggle.

On behalf of Irrfan’s million fans, we appeal to preserve his graveyard in a proper way. He entertained us for so many years with his versatile acting skill. After his demise, the billion dollars Bollywood industry should give some respect to his rest yard and take responsibility to take care of it. At least his fans can pay their homage to him.