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Video: Chintan Rachchh Aces Method Acting by Rolling on the Floor to Dub His Scenes

Chintan Rachchh Aces Method Acting

Chintan Rachchh, who made his debut in Netflix’s 2023 release, Class has been receiving a lot of appreciation from the audience for his portrayal of Faruq Manzor. Yesterday, the actor took to Instagram to share a video where he gives us a glimpse of how he dubbed a pivotal scene from the show. In the video montage which is juxtaposed with the dubbing video, Chintan is seen dubbing for the scene lying on the floor emoting exactly the way he shot for the scene.

The scene in question is an integral part of the storyline where Chintan’s character, Faruq is arrested and beaten up for his sexuality. To enact the noises and growling sounds during that scene, the actor rolled down on the floor as in the actual scene and was dubbed for the natural noises that would come as he was being hit.

When asked about his experience, Chintan said, “I think that this is the bare minimum requirement for an actor to perform. I like making things real and believable, and when I was told to dub for the scene- it didn’t make sense to me to stand and dub for it so I did the dub the way it would be done in sync-sound too. As simple as that.”

He added, “The funny part is that I put in more effort in the original scene. The floor wasn’t swept and I had to be there for more than 2 hours and fall in a certain way to make it look like I was actually being hit. I had to match the camera movement and that became very technical and tricky. You break out of the zone for a moment- think about the choreography and then get in the zone again- and all this happens in the span of 5 seconds.”

Every attribute about Faruq was far different from the real Chintan and the actor has performed every scene with hard work and dedication leaving a lasting impression on the viewers. He is surely one of the most up-and-coming talented actors in the industry. The second season of Class has been announced recently, we can’t wait to see the aces Chintan has up his sleeves.