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Unbelievable Swag: Rahul Dev is all about royal vibes in these stunning snaps, the internet is in awe

Rahul Dev royal vibes

Rahul Dev is one of the most admired and respected actors in the Indian entertainment industry and the man has truly come a long way forward in his career. He’s one of the very few actors in the country who actually focuses on work across different mediums and languages at the same time and well, he certainly deserves a lot of credit for doing that quite effectively. He’s a charmer in the true sense of the term and well, as far as his fitness is concerned, it’s certainly a 10/10 for all the right reasons. His discipline is what grabs the attention and love of other fitness freaks the most and no wonder, everyone wants to look as cool and ripped as him.

While more often than not, Rahul Dev is in the news and limelight for his sensational acting skills and good work on-screen, there are times when he’s simply spinning heads just for his rich, good looks and mesmerizing charm. His photogenic face truly gets the best out of his personality and well, this time, his latest snaps on the internet where he’s all about royal vibes is grabbing eyeballs big time. He’s seen sporting a stylish turban and his stylish, ‘rough & tough’ stubble & intense eyes is what makes the snap all the way more attractive. The Pagri carries The Valaya hallmark & the pattern is called – The VALAYA shifting leaves chevron. The snap has been shot by the one and only JJ Valaya and no brownie points for guessing that the outfits are also designed by him. While this shoot is quite a classic, let us reveal to you all something which not many people are aware about. This isn’t the first time they are shooting together. Both Rahul Dev & JJ Valaya go back to 1992 when they had their first shoot together and that’s when the bonding between the two started. Not just that, both Rahul & JJ Valaya are ‘Graced’ by the same ‘Divine Master’, Tarneiv Ji…

Well, in case you haven’t seen the snaps of the latest shoot yet, here you go. Take a look –

Well, absolutely brilliant and a complete joy to the eyes, ain’t it? On the work front, Rahul Dev is set to come up with many interesting announcements, the updates of which will come out soon as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.