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Shama Sikander Treats her Followers With a Super Informative Skin care Tutorial

Shama Sikander Style

The ever-beautiful Shama Sikander has had quite an interesting journey in the industry. She has been featured in many movies and has went on to acquire a place in everyone’s hearts. With or without makeup, Shama Sikander is a timeless beauty with her chiselled cheekbones and gorgeous eyes and now the actress has given the best gift to her followers, a complete guide to her flawless, glowing skin. She has taken to her Instagram uploading a make-up free video of herself and she has shared the secret behind her beautiful skin.

She starts off by cleaning her face with cleansing wipes , “The first and foremost thing I do is cleanse my face, not wash it with soap because I’ve learned that it washes off good bacteria as well. So I just use a good cleanser and do so in an upward fashion. This really helps in keeping the skin tight and prevents sagging.”

Step 2 involved icing the skin, the actress says why, “Using the ice to prep the skin is nice because when we wake up the face is kind of swollen. I also do this to wake up the face.” The next step was to remove all the excess water with a Japanese technique using a massage stone. Shama followed this up with applying toner evenly all over her face and neck and then layering it with ample of sunscreen.

Bollywood actors seems to age much slower than most of us, be it because of their extensive self-care routines and workouts, or from treatments and surgeries. With hectic schedules that involve running between different locations all day, tons of travel and getting layers and layers of makeup applied, Bollywood celebrities go through quite a bit when it comes to their skin. Yet somehow, they still manage to have glowing flawless skin which looks meticulously hydrated and young. As such, skin care is up to what suits you best, for some products can do wonders and for others, home remedies work best.