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Trinayan Sharma wins at the Vidarbh International Film Festival for Do Tarfa Sach

Do Tarfa Sach released under the combined banner of Excruciating Films , Montana Harob TNT and Flying Frames Productions on their own YouTube channel and MX player simultaneously. It has been selected at various film festivals apart from winning third best short film at the Vidarbh International Film Festival 2022.

The producer of the short is Allen Mriduel Borah which is co produced by Trinayan Sharma and Raj Gill , Raj is also the Director of Photography for this project.

Trinayan said he thought about the concept a long time back. In the first phase of the lockdown in april ( 2020 ) , when a parlour girl came to their house and had a small conversation with Trinayan’s special someone during that time , the story was born. The concept was woven by Anju Dahal and Trinayan materialised into a screenplay later on.

Akanksha Yadav and Sushmita Sahela have played the lead characters in the short. Akanksha spoke highly of the director at the poster launch , she described Trinayan as a cool and composed director who lets his actors take centre stage. Sushmita who is an architect by profession delivers a great performance and says she enjoyed working with the team.

Brince Bora has composed the music for the short film and Hengul Medhi has done the sound design. Both are very experienced in the field of music and they are frequent collaborators with Trinayan in his projects.

Sumith Pandey , Manjit Kumar and Kavita Kunjam were the brilliant assistants who took a lot of responsibilities and made Trinayan’s work easier. They are constantly working with the same team and their understanding with Trinayan is amazing. Jevan Madan has designed the poster of the short for which he asked 28 pics to frame the concept of the poster.

It’s also streaming on MX player through distribution of Kala Chashma Entertainment and it will steam on many other various platforms soon.