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This women’s day, Kangana Ranaut draws attention to the importance of being empowered within!

Kangana Ranaut announces a film on Ram Mandir titled Aparajitha Ayodhya

Kangana Ranaut’s journey is definitely one of the most inspirational ones ever. Not only did she break the glass ceiling and make it big in movies only on basis of sheer talent, she also questioned patriarchal norms of the Industry and stirred up a debate on issues like pay parity and nepotism.

Kangana Ranaut in Maharashtrian SareeOwing to her success and her fearless persona, Kangana is considered by many as an ideal example of an empowered woman. During her interaction at India Today conclave recently, Kangana stressed on the importance of women realizing their own potential instead of waiting for others to validate them. She said, “Women are only as empowered as they think they are. If you don’t think you are an equal, nobody can change that.”
In another interaction, she also spoke about how women have always been powerful, ”Women have always been powerful, they don’t need to be empowered. Our prevented us from every harm that came our way, because they understood their responsibility and capability. I don’t think such women need to be empowered. Portraying women as weak in nothing but a propaganda.”
Over the years, Ms Ranaut has portrayed many roles which represented many facets of an empowered woman. Be it Rani in Queen who took a journey towards self-discovery, or Datto, who was confident in her own skin and stood by her decisions. More recently, in times when even voicing love for the country is labelled jingoistic, Kangana played the role of legendary Rani Ki Jhansi in Manikarnika, where she portrayed a brave woman who fought for the country until her last breath, reinstating how courageous women wrote the history of our nation.

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