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‘The Home Coming of Ram’ – A Silent Tribute to The Greatest Epic now as a Film on YouTube platform.

The Home Coming of Ram

A Rare Experience in Film Making by Shahab Shamsi, Creative Head of Anand Sagar’s RAMAYAN.

Ramayan is One of the greatest stories ever told about Love, Compassion, Family Values, Sacrifice, Word of Honour, destruction of Evil by setting an example of Good Values in the society…Ramayan is the Greatest Epic ever told in the entire World.

The re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Ram to destroy the hateful existence of Ravan despite all his powers acquired from Gods and his arrogance is the reflection of the greed, hate, selfishness present in our times…Ramayan is the battle between Hate and Love, Right and Wrong, Ignorance and Wisdom…Good and Bad, Hope and Despair…and Ram is the epicentre of Godliness and Human Kindness and Sita, his consort becomes a true symbol of Desire and Goal of Life. It’s like Vishnu-Lakshmi, Shiv-Parvati, Ramayan is also known for the bond of Sita-Ram where Ram fights for the virtue of a woman’s dignity.

As the Creative Head of Ramayan, Shahab Shamsi put together the warrior image of Ram and spectacular experience of fine performances and visual treat in Anand Sagar’s Ramayan now running successfully on Dangal Channel as a re-run after many years. It proves a point that people like wholesome Family Entertainment full of values in today’s disturbing times.

For the first time on the World stage, now an effort to put together the emotional drama of Ramayan without any spoken word only through expressions and moments in the form of Silent PICTOGRAPHY, as a mark of Tribute re-shot from the telecast on Dangal TV on iPhone 6S and edited on iPhone 5S as an experiment in storytelling to reach a wider Global Audience through electronic media. This has never been attempted before in the world to put together the greatest Epic, Ramayan, for an unusual visual experience like a storybook with great emotions, passion and values. The viewers will get a chance to understand and experience through the silence of magical moments the hidden turmoil and emotional upheaval of the principal characters of Ramayan.

A never before experience put together by Writer-Director Shahab Shamsi who launched Tamannaah Bhatia in Chand Sa Roshan Chehra and writer of Feature films like Yeshwant, Game, Bhookamp etc with many Television projects like Prithviraj Chauhan, Vikram Betaal, Tiger, Satya, Saudamini to name a few.

Come re-visit Ramayan with eyes and heart beating on the sound of ‘JI Shri Ram’…the Home Coming of Ram, a Divine Magical Moment in the history of mankind. A Tribute to the entire team of Ramayan…the un-sung Heroes and their Labour of Love.