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“Taish actor Armaan Khera usher’s in the New Year with a music video “Bombay Ka Jadoo”

Bombay Ka Jadoo”

“Bombay Ka Jadoo is more about the emotions attached to the city of Mumbai”, Armaan Khera.


Actor Armaan Khera who is currently basking in the glory of his recently released film Taish, where he played the role of Jassi Brar – Harshvardhan Rane’s brother and more to cheers for. The actor and singer recently released a music video titled ‘Bombay Ka Jadoo’ with Artist Siktan making this their second collaboration, earlier they had collaborated for ‘Bombay West’ which is also a music video.

‘Bombay Ka Jadoo’ is composed and sung by both Armaan & Siktan and was shot in Haridwar, Rishikesh & Mumbai post lockdown observing all safety guidelines in mind. Talking about the music video, Armaan Said, “I am so excited to see so many people loving the video and giving us amazing feedback. They’re relating to the video because no beauty is enough when compared to the beauty and magic of Mumbai. Like they say Mumbai is a city but Bombay is an emotion and hence the song is called Bombay ka Jadoo because that’s the essence which the song captures. We had a great time shooting in three different cities over 2-3 days and Siktan’s voice fits so perfectly with every visual and frame. I am really glad to have collaborated again with Siktan as he begins to tell me about one of his memories, to which I react with my version and experience of excelling after the heartbreak.“

Talking about the concept & title of ‘Bombay Ka Jadoo’, Siktan said, I’m so glad to have collaborated again with Armaan and about the concept behind BKJ, It’s an interesting story, I was in my second year of film school and while apartment hunting, I came across this one lady who told me that if I focused on heavy traffic, the inconvenient weather, the evident suffering or anything worth complaining about, then the city wouldn’t accept me. But if I just let go and allow myself to love the city, it will love me back. It’s not as simple as it sounds. That’s the Jadoo of this city.”