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Tanishaa Mukerji Shares her Fondest Memory of Diwali”

Tanishaa Mukerji Memory of Diwali

Diwali is the grandest and most awaited festival for which the entire India comes together to celebrate and await for these blessed days for various reasons. From vacations to gatherings to short trips with friends and cousins, Diwali is a time for love and a time for family. Bollywood Celebs come together to celebrate this festival in gaiety. Tanishaa Mukerji, opens up about the festival holding a special place in her heart.

“Every year, Diwali is like a family reunion for us. There are just family members and close friends. It’s just good food and being around the people you love. That’s pretty much it. That’s the only thing that matters to us.My fondest memory of celebrating Diwali is when our mother used to take us to Lonavala to celebrate, as we used to live in an apartment here. In Lonavala, our house had a garden. Diwali was fun when you got to celebrate it outdoors, where we got to burst crackers as a kid.Lighting up diyas and flower decorations everywhere, those days used to be fun.I think there is a strong bond of love in our family. Everybody wants to come together and be with each other. For us, that is all that matters. That is what the significance of festivals in India is. It is to bring everybody together.”

Tanishaa, an environmental enthusiast goes on to share how she prefers to not indulge in wasteful shopping or unnecessary wearing during Diwali.

“I don’t always go shopping for a festive wardrobe. I like to reuse and recycle. I always wear something of my mother’s and I have always shown pride in trying on new stuff that I have already had before and restyling them. My mom often gifts me a new saree during festivals like Durga Puja and Diwali.”