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T-Series brings you Prem Dhillon’s highly anticipated track ‘Blame’!

Prem Dhillon’s Blame

Punjabi popstar Prem Dhillon is out with his latest track ‘Blame’ produced by music heavyweight T-Series. The hard-hitting hip hop track penned and sung by Prem and composed by San B boasts of the artist’s powerful vocals and some groovy beats.

Featuring some swanky fast cars, next-level style and breath-taking visuals, ‘Blame’ has been shot on a mega-canvas that will have fans glued to their screen.

Talking about the song, Prem Dhillon, “Soon after the teaser of ‘Blame’ came out, fans have been eagerly waiting for the song and I’m so happy to finally launch it. ‘Blame’ has funk, style and all the beats to have you grooving.”

Adds composer San B, “We needed a tune that would go with the hard-hitting lyrics and highlight them and we found the right one. I had a blast collaborating with Prem Dhillon on ‘Blame’. Audiences are going to love this one.”

Prem Dhillon’s ‘Blame’ is produced by T-Series. The song composed by San B and penned by Prem Dhillon is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.