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” Sargun and I, we walk together as a team, ” Ravi Dubey on his Mantra for a happy life

Ravi Dubey's Mantra for a happy life

Sargun and Ravi are one of the most loved couples in the industry. They always give their fans and followers major relationship goals. The couple has aced their roles as actors and recently embarked on a new journey together as Producers for their show Udaariyaan. They have left no stone unturned to make their show a hit. Be it the exotic location or the enthralling music of the show. The couple has worked hard together to make Udaariyaan a success. If you are wondering how can this couple be so involved with work and yet set an example for all the couples out there. Don’t worry we got this covered.

Recently, Ravi shared his secret Mantra of a happy life where he explains how does the couple keeps it together at all times. Ravi shared, “ Sargun and I, we walk together as a team, this is our Mantra for life. There’s a quote that we keep requoting all the time, Love is not about two people looking into each other’s eyes, it’s about two people looking ahead in the same direction. For me and Sargun, in all walks of life, it’s been fantastic partners to each other, fantastic companion to each other and that I think what a relationship is truly about, at least in our lives. Every other way of looking at a relationship is it’s a greeting card romance, it’s sweet but it kinds of evaporates very fast. I think the real foundation of a relationship is that companionship and partnership between the couple.

It’s not easy for a couple to balance their work and love life at all times. However, Sargun and Ravi seem to have it all in check. Be it their mushy romance or their dedication towards their work. Well, now we know why are they named the ‘Power Couple’ of the industry.