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Suryaveer & Shibani Kashyap has Collaborated for Two Chart Buster Punjabi Song

The recent talk of the town in the Bollywood music industry is that Shibani Kashyap and Suryaveer have announced a collaboration on two all-time chart buster Punjabi songs “Ankhiya Udeek Diya” by legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & another song is “Ve Main Chori Chori” by Reshma Ji. Suryaveer, who is a YouTube sensation and an independent singer hailing from Delhi.

Both Suryaveer and Kashyap are versatile singers in their own right. Suryaveer had been performing as a solo artist since about 7 years. He had also formed a band called ‘Ehsaas’ based in Delhi. He has toured to numerous overseas places to perform ever since.

Ve Main Chori Chori

Shibani Kashyap is also a very renowned name in the Bollywood music industry and till now she has worked in a total of 13 films out of which she has sung 20 songs. Kashyap incidentally also works with BJP, the incumbent government party.

Commenting on the recent partnership, Suryaveer said, “I feel elated to work with Shibani, someone who I adore and respect since a long time. She is an impeccable singer and I’m very much looking forward to working with her, and am sure the collaboration will bring fruitful results.”

Shibani Kashyap also provided a few words. She said, “I feel excited to work for an independent singer, and someone like Suryaveer, who has so many views on his channel. The collaboration will prove to be tremendously successful if all goes well!”

They release date is not yet finalised, soon you will get to now the date when it will be releasing.

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