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Surya makes his directorial debut with film Women Diaries

Surya directorial debut Women Diaries

In recent times we get to hear a lot of cases about women being tortured or being raped and to reflect these issues a director from Hyderabad, Surya, in a recent press conference held in Mumbai announces that he is coming up with his film Women Diaries. He is inspired to make a film on such a topic as there is a lot of fury in society today against rape and atrocities on women. Hathras in Uttar Pradesh is angry with a very horrifying rape incident in recent days.

Women Diaries Poster

Under the banner of She Films, Women Diaries is produced by Sashi Vantipalli and directed by Surya. Fashion fame actress Mugdha Godse is the protagonist as a rape victim and Sudha Chandran as a lawyer. Sudha Chandran fights against the biggest issue of the country that is rape, molestation, sexual abuse against women. The film is about the tragic life of a rape victim and how she deals with the situation.

Mugdha Godse in Women Diaries

The first character Sharda is a lawyer. Who fights the case of a female with whom society has done an injustice. But she is opposed and cussed at by society for doing so. In the film, Bharti is a woman who was once very happy with her mother and father but when she comes to Mumbai with her lover. She meets him in the name of love. She lives a tight life in a Mumbai slum, where her lover drinks alcohol daily. One day she realizes that she is going to be a mother. Bharti feels that her lover will improve by knowing about the child, but the same night her boyfriend deals her with an unknown person. Bharti gets raped. The second part of the struggle of Bharti’s life starts here. The Women Diaries is a story that shows the real condition of an exploited woman in our society today, but together this film talks about a woman who is exploited and what she wants to do when she is in adversity.

On this occasion, director Surya said that “There are many women in the society who are exploited and tortured, there are only a few who oppose it, so this film is not just those women who have exploited, told, and faced domestic violence but about every woman.” This is a diary of all the women with whom something has gone wrong in life. I am the father of two girls and the brother of two sisters, so I am doing this film very responsibly. My producer Sashi Vantipalli wants to give this message with this film that parents should teach their boys to respect women and till what extent should we restrict the girls?

Producer Sashi Vantipalli released the Teaser poster of the movie on social media. The first schedule of the film will be done in Hyderabad and Mumbai in March 2021. The film will be made in three languages, i.e, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.