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Suneil Shetty announces the “Mudskull Adventure Racing Season II”

Suneil Shetty announces the “Mudskull Adventure Racing Season II”


After the success of India’s first Mudskull Adventure Racing held in July this year in Karjat, Mumbai, the official announcement of its second season was made at the success party held in Mumbai.

In a glamorous party organised for the success of Mudskull Adventure racing, the brand ambassador Suneil Shetty had announced the 2nd season of Mudskull Adventure Racing. On 2nd December, the 2nd season of Mudskull Adventure racing will be organized in the lap of nature near Mumbai, Pavana. On this occasion, the organizers of Mudskull adventure racing Subhodh Singh, Ashish Sharma and Sam Khan, brand ambassador and actor Suneil Shetty, along with Sahil Khan were also present. Sunil Shetty, who is associated with Sports and Adventure, is promoting Mudskull by joining Mudskull Adventure Racing. On the announcement of 2nd season of Mudskull adventure racing, Suneil Shetty said “we are all very excited with the success of Mudskull Adventures racing. The season 2 will be splendid with huge tracks and alluring location of Pavana which will boost the adventure.

I am always interested in adventure and sports. Racing is full of enthusiastic, adventurous and fun because the racing runs despite the weather conditions of the rain. I will reach a day before and will get my hands-on the track. Mud Skull Racing is a skilled sports Therefore it is necessary to take training too.

Mud Skull Racing of Roading Event is being organized by Mudskull Adventure Private Limited, it is being run by three young businessmen Subodh Singh (Freakout Entertainment), Sam Khan (writer and director) and Ashish Sharma.

On this occasion, Subodh Singh said that “Mudskull Adventures Racing Season 2 will include SUVs and other sports vehicles along with Jeep. This time participants will be not only from Maharashtra but from all over the country. All the participants will be given the appropriate adventurous platform with safety and medical on priority.


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