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Spread some green cheer this Christmas with these earth-friendly gifts

green Christmas gifts

Here are some thoughtful and unique festive picks that are also kind to the planet

Extreme weather events and climate change are intricately linked and as Mother earth sends us distress signals, it is time to heed her and understand how we are contributing to the state the planet is in.

As we get ready to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another, maybe we can find sustainable gifting options to begin with that are kinder to the budget as well the environment.

Here are some green options we have hand-picked for you.

1. Eco-friendly greeting cards – If you think electronic greeting cards are impersonal, why not browse some artisan-made cards from recycled paper? Trust us, there are multiple sources from where you can buy greeting cards made by folk artists and even cards with embedded seeds or pressed flowers that don’t just look beautiful but also have been made sustainably. You can also make your own by using wooden blocks, non-toxic markers, printing on recycled paper, or simply upcycling old cards. DIY enthusiasts can also recycle paper by making paper-mâché objects and using gift wrappers to make decoupaged keepsakes.

2. Greet with trees! : Why not give a gift that keeps on giving? is a social organization dedicated to the expansion of green cover and the protection of wildlife habitats via afforestation drives that engage and benefit local communities. A big part of this initiative is the involvement of corporates and individuals. This Christmas, you too can donate or gift trees to greet a loved one because what can after all be better than gifting a tree or many to make one corner of the earth just a little bit greener? will carry your greetings via an eTreeCertificate™️ and you can also gift trees to several people at once via this web-enabled, cost-effective service.

3. Organic bath/beauty products – Fruity bath bombs, aromatic oils, hand-made soaps, delicious body scrubs, face masks, skin-nourishing butter don’t necessarily have to be expensive or laced with chemicals. Look for bath and beauty products that are made by companies dedicated to green, cruelty-free, and organic processes. Build your own gift hamper with hand-picked organic goodies that bring joy to those who give and those who receive them.

4. Reusable grocery bags – Many niche vendors are now making reusable grocery bags that are high on style, have witty messaging, and can add a stylish punchline to routine shopping chores. Cutting out single-use plastics from daily use is a big step towards leading a sustainable lifestyle and just a brief online search will reveal multiple sites that are now making bags from upcycled fabrics like denim, quilted cotton, and jute.

5. Organic gourmet baskets – From farm-to-table restaurants to sugar and oil-free, healthy snacks, organic foods are now in almost every health-conscious person’s diet plan. This festive season, gift a green tea hamper, a locally sourced fruit basket, or shop at organic stores to handpick things that a loved one will like. You could also order goodies from vegan bakers, or source special treats like pickles and jams, bread and cookies from home cooks, and curate a gift that is personalized and thoughtful in every sense.