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SONG LAUNCH: Sway in the world of true love with Janmo Janam from Ghost

Janmo Janam from Ghost

Vikram Bhatt has been in the news for his upcoming horror film Ghost, which is making the rounds for its unusual mix of fear and love. Having released two songs which have been runaway hits with the listeners, Vikram Bhatt has now released the third song titled Janmo Janam. A mellow tune that will transport you into the world of true love, soothing tunes, and deep lyrics, Janmo Janam is picturized on Sanaya Irani and Shivam B and plays a crucial part in the movie.

Check out the song:

“Janmo Janam is a song that I had heard from two young aspiring new composers Naeem and Shabbir. They are brilliant. I could not forget the song for months and finally, when I saw for a song in Ghost I called on them and along with my old friend Shakeel Azmi who wrote the song, we made Janmo Janam. It is a very moving song and comes at a time in the film when Sanaya’s character Simran doubts if she can ever find true love. The lines are beautiful and melody is clearly evergreen”, says Vikram Bhatt.

Bhatt’s Ghost will take you on the riveting journey of Karan Khanna who has been accused of killing his wife but believes she has been murdered by a spirit. What follows is a story of inspired and absolute insanity which will have you biting your nails in shock and fear. Vikram Bhatt shared that the idea of Ghost came to him when he read a newspaper article about how a British court allowed a matter involving spirits to be tried. He was intrigued and decided to channel his energy into this film. Ghost, A Vashu Bhagnani production, directed by Vikram Bhatt will release in cinemas on 18 October.

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