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Snower Sania and Kavita Banerjee lock lips in Pankhirya Udi Udi

Snower Sania and Kavita Banerjee lock lips

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EORTV, India’s First LGBTQ focused platform released its fourth original titled Pankhriya Udi Udi, a rom-drama series on its platform. The series will have 8 episodes starring Kavita Banerjee and Snower Sania as leads opposite each other. Actress Megha Prasad known for her performances in Gandii Baat (2018) and Game of the Sexes (2021) will now be seen playing the third wheel in the series’ second season- Pankhriya Udi Udi. The series aims to normalise same-sex relationships and adopts a raw visual approach to convey the true romantic love of two women. The series is Directed by Deepak Pandey and produced by Falguni Shah, Dreamzz Images Studio.

Speaking about the show, lead actor Snower Sania stated, “I deeply resonated with the power and message of the script. It is infused with so many facets of emotions; insecurities delivered with a refreshingly uplifting perspective. The narrative is constantly evolving; awakening; simmering our thought process all culminating in a final transformation. This has all been possible through the intriguing vision of Deepak sir who has tastefully planted so many hidden gems throughout the season with well-crafted plot twists & a hint of focused motive to keep “love and purity “as the essence & not the mundane “lesbian romance façade. The audience will experience a roller coaster of emotions; ups and downs; but also, a level of satisfaction in the way the story unfolds”.

Lead actor Kavita Banerjee added, “This is a poignant portrayal of a beautiful love story; and as a performer, it has truly tested my imagination and challenged my skills. I found the treatment of the narrative very genuine that anybody and everybody in love or has ever been in love will relate to, the focus being on a ‘love story’ rather than a ‘lesbian love story’ – it is about time we move beyond cliches. The moment we speak of any story involving a same-sex relationship, it ends up either objectifying the characters or an over-the-top charade sort of a portrayal. Thankfully, Deepak sir’s vision of the story is a much needed fresh take! “

Speaking about her role, Megha Prasad stated, “The story is really empowering and I am very excited for the audiences to watch season 2. Season 1 has a huge fan base and the story here-on gets even more intriguing and exciting. I love the role of Saima and I can relate to her on many levels. She has a weird sense of humour, sometimes it can be wicked, and may seem not sensitive to others but that is not the case. She has an irreverence for most things considered so sacred by many people but that also makes her very witty and pungent and carefree.”

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