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Sherlyn Chopra questions “Who is Binod”

Sherlyn Chopra Binod

The Internet is no doubt a crazy place where rationality and positivity seldom exist.
Lately, ‘Binod’ has been trending on social media ever since it was first posted as a comment on YouTube.

Some followers of Sherlyn Chopra have been teasing her with the “Binod” comment to which the fiery Chopra replied, “Who the ** is Binod!!!!”

Sherlyn‘s engagement with her fans has been candid and consistent. Sherlyn’s fans have been applauding the high concept and rich quality of her glamour videos which are streamed each week on Sherlyn’s streaming platform, Redsher.

When asked about her current plans, the Chopra girl said, “As a streaming platform owner and a content creator, I intend to create content which is not only entertaining and delightful but also easily affordable by the masses. I’m currently working on a collection of short films which is slated for release on Redsher this Diwali.”

Sherlyn is a proud entrepreneur, actor, content creator and now a streaming platform owner. Recently Sherlyn said categorically in a video which is available on her social media feed that she is not interested in working with mafia groups including but not limited to the Hindi Film industry.