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Sanjana Sharma’s Mesmerising Belly Dance show set the stage on fire

Sanjana Sharma's Belly Dance show

The celebrity belly dance trainer launched her own dance school called Belly Dance Habibi

Sanjana Sharma, a belly dance choreographer and performer recently launched her own dance school ‘Belly Dance Habibi’ with a belly dance showcase in Mumbai. The show saw some scintillating group and solo performances. There were around 60 participants across 4 group acts performing belly dances to old Bollywood tracks. The auditorium was a full house and the audience was constantly cheering for the ladies and men on stage.

Sanjana who was born in Delhi but raised in Mumbai, has 11 years of experience in Belly Dancing and has trained from various national and international teachers. Sanjana shared, “I have always been a confident child but I was always very tomboyish and in fact played cricket with all my guy friends. When I first enrolled myself on a belly dancing class, it was with the intention to feel confident about my body. But when I started getting into the depth of the dance form, I realised so much about movement and feminine grace. After 11 years of learning and teaching, I finally picked up the courage and started my own Belly Dance School ‘ Belly Dance Habibi’ which means love, love for dancing, love for movement and love for all genders. People from all genders, shapes and sizes are welcomed in my classes and I am ever grateful that my first show was so loved, admired and appreciated by so many.”

Sanjana has earlier trained celebrities like Khushali Kumar, Divya Agarwal, Sana Khan, Bhoomi Trivedi, Shagun Pannu, Ruhi Singh, Nikki Tamboli, Heena Panchal, Riya Subodh, Shruthi Sinha, Riya Kishanchandani among others.