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Samira Koppikar releases her new single ‘Mohabbat Ki Wajah’

Samira Koppikar releases her new single 'Mohabbat Ki Wajah'

Samira Koppikar, the talented Music composer, singer and songwriter, just released her latest single, ‘Mohabbat ki Wajah’, on 26th September. Samira’s debut EP, ‘Sang Baarishon Ke’ was praised by fans and critics alike, and this latest single promises to be another chart buster.

‘Mohabbat ki Wajah’ was shot in Amsterdam and the city plays a significant role in the song. In fact it was Amsterdam’s beauty and vibe that inspired Samira to shoot the song there itself.

Elaborating further, a source close to the project says, “Samira was on a solo trip across Europe when she had the idea of shooting Mohabbat Ki Wajah. She was at a cafe in Amsterdam when the idea struck her and with the help of friends and fellow artists, she managed to arrange for the crew to carry out the video shoot. It was a spontaneous decision which has resulted into a beautiful song.”

Throwing further light on the track, the source continues, “ ‘Mohabbat ki Wajah’ is a beautiful representation of the feeling of love and the power it holds over us. The idea and essence of the song, that love can sneak upon us in the most unexpected places and situations, has been beautifully captured in the lyrics and the melody. The soulful track is bound to strike a chord with the audiences.” he concludes.

Commenting on the same, Samira says “I am thrilled at the initial response to ‘Mohabbat ki Wajah’. This song is very close to my heart and I hope it resonates with audiences. Love is a universal emotion and I wanted to capture its essence in this song. The music video was shot in beautiful locations in Amsterdam, I was on a solo trip in Europe and the locations tempted me to shoot this song there. I am really looking forward for the response from my audience on the same.” She concludes.

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