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Publication of Line Martoy That Video Album

Triple One star and JC Pathan Movies’ Benarkhali producer Pathan Jilanish Chandpasha has produced the Line Martoy Thet or video album which has been published with great fanfare at The Mall or The Desert Lounge in Nuktech Malad. Or Bhojpuri heroine and item girl Anara Gupta and Pathan Chandpasha’s pair will shine in the album. The dance and direction of the Ya Line Martoy Thet video album is done by Dilip Mistry, the music by Vasant Pawar is composed by Chadhawala, the songs are sung by Shakuntala Jadhav and Sumit Sawant, and the cinematography is done by Sebastian Anthony.
Ha album line martoy that be for you release jhala aahe. Pathan Chandpasha is sure that this album will definitely be liked by today’s young generation. Anara Gupta is a star of Bhojpuri cinema, she wishes to do a real Marathi film, and with that in mind, she is the first person to sing. The lyricist of the album, Vasant Pawar, has been working as a sub-inspector in the police department for the past ten years. He has composed many songs as a hobby. This is their second album.