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Prachi gives a sneak peek of her character in Maamaankam

Prachi gives a sneak peek of her character in Maamaankam


Though Mammootty and Prachi Tehlan starrer Maamaankam has been creating the buzz since last few months, no internal information about the characters was revealed. But finally, Tehlan – who is playing the lead opposite the Malayalam megastar – stepped forward to give a sneak peek of her character and the challenges she faced while portraying it.


“I was doing Ikyawann when I bagged the role of Unnimaya…Well, that’s the name of my character in the movie,” she revealed adding, “At that point in time, I had to shoot 12 hours for the show. Despite an already hectic schedule, I was supposed to take out an hour time to work on dialect as well as learn new forms of classical dances for Maamaankam. I could hardly find time for myself in that span”.

Getting under the skin of a strong character like Prachi’s, that too for a historically significant film, demanded intense passion and hard work. The clarity in the language was as much important as the appropriacy of body language and gestures. Talking about surviving the worst moments of learning a new language, Prachi said it was extremely challenging.


“The transition from one language to other is not at all easy and Malayalam being the toughest Indian language adds to the difficulty. It was very troublesome to get that accent right. Obviously, I couldn’t get that accent perfectly in such a short span, but lip sync saved me from the problem. I worked really hard to get the lip sync right.”

Prachi has always believed in stepping outside her comfort zone and accepting roles that challenge her talent. Signing a movie like this is one such example of her courage. “It’s a very difficult process to work in a different environment with so much of cultural difference and language difference. All in all, it was challenging but I’m surely looking forward to my schedule which is starting next month.”

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