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Podcast ‘Kahaniyon Ka Mantra’ drops its 50th episode on Christmas

Podcast ‘Kahaniyon Ka Mantra’ drops its 50th episode on Christmas

Slice of life stories on podcast ‘Kahaniyon Ka Mantra’ released its 50th episode on Christmas (25th December 2022). The lighthearted stories, curated and narrated by Mantra have the power to mesmerize the listeners. ‘Kahaniyon Ka Mantra’ has been touching so many hearts, making people smile, laugh and cry for almost a year now. With the 50th episode, Mantra takes you to the world of storytelling with an immersive audio experience.

‘Kahaniyon Ka Mantra’ from the house of MnM Talkies has been touted as one of the super hit podcasts and its audience continues to grow with time. These are 11-minutes of pure emotions, released every Sunday in the voice of actor-director Mantra. These are the stories that bring and bind people together. Every episode will have you think and leave some food for thought!

Talking about the show, Mantra (Founder, MnM Talkies) says, “Our most popular MnM Original ‘Kahaniyon Ka Mantra’ is a light hearted storytelling show. I have enjoyed story narration since my radio days and since my listeners wanted me to bring it back, we decided to start ‘Kahaniyon Ka Mantra’ which is being appreciated by my old listeners and new alike.”

The weekly release ‘Kahaniyon Ka Mantra’ podcast is available on all major audio streaming platforms i.e. Spotify, Audible, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, Wynk, etc. and is also featured as YouTube Playlists.

Whether you’re hitting the road, heading to the gym, or just trying to brighten up your Sunday morning, you’ll love listening to ‘Kahaniyon Ka Mantra’. It is just the perfect podcast for fans of short stories who are looking to enjoy narrative fiction in a whole new way.

Here is the show playlist –