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Multi-Skilled Entrepreneur & dynamic Fillmmaker Darshan Sankhala is making his name synonym with success in the Entertainment World & otherwise

Darshan Sankhala

People are born in this world with a purpose they say, well this is true when the person realises that in life & then put efforts towards fulfilling the same. Some of them do not realise their ultimate goal in life at all, while others as soon as they understand the reason for their birth & what purpose they are supposed to fulfill in life, they do not wait for anything & start working towards it to do the greater good for the benefit of others.

Darshan Sankhala is a man that the world needs to know. He is the person who has been working in different industries in such a way that at the end of the day it makes a difference in a person’s life positively & helps transform their lives for the better. Sankhala is a man who cannot be tied to just one industry, as his sole aim in life is to work for the betterment of society.

Apart from being a businessman, motivational speaker, Reiki expert, a certified sound healer & author, Sankhala is also a renowned name in the entertainment world where he is a producer & a filmmaker, who is currently working for his upcoming webs shows. His aim is to make content for people that can bring about a change in their lives & hit the right chord with the audiences to motivate them in many ways possible with relevant content. Sankhala has also been a host for many television shows; this is also one of the reasons that motivated him to become a film producer & a filmmaker.

There are few trends in the film industry currently that Sankhala points out that could be called the trends of 2020.

• *Remakes & sequels:* People always have the curiosity to know what the story will unfold like in a sequel or what different a remake would offer them.

• *Realistic cinema:* There has been quite a shift from people loving commercial cinema to realistic cinema. There is a certain number in the audience who loves realism & naturalism, believes Sankhala.

• *The rise of female-centric films:* The women of today are all about female empowerment & when such stories reach them, it touches & influences them in many ways.

• *Streaming power has increased:* More & more people are turning towards going for OTT platforms for finding more creative content, whether it is films, series, shows, etc. Hence, Sankhala also wants to leverage the online medium to showcase the content he produces & makes.

In 2014, Sankhala started his journey into entrepreneurship by becoming the CEO of Raamapeer industrial corporation & then in 2017 he launched his studios for film production named Raamapeer studios. His latest venture is “Rest of Life-Best of Life” (ROL BOL), which acts like a dream of Sankhala that works for bringing people together from all walks of life & offer them a common platform where they can find opportunities to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams of life & become successful.

Recently Darshan has also invested in a new start-up which is going to be game-changer in co-working space and flexible offices in Australia, Indian and Canada. Darshan envisages to take his entrepreneur community ROLBOL at a global level and develop the mindset to “Go Together-Grow Together” among all.