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Meet the interesting ensemble cast of KalaBai From Byculla, Girish Sharma, Simran Kaur, Rajat Arora, Nanda Yadav, Rajat Arora & Ritik Ghanshani

cast of KalaBai From Byculla

Director Saumitra Singh, along with the makers of KalaBai from Byculla recently released the interesting teaser of the film which is still doing the rounds online. Besides the lead cast of the film, Sharib Hashmi, Shruti Bapna and Padmini Sardesai, it has an interesting ensemble cast of Simran Kaur, Girish Sharma, Rajat Arora, Nanda Yadav and Ritik Ghansani.

Actress Simran Kaur shares, “It’s a simple yet moving story of an artist, who’s still on a journey of finding himself. It was a fun experience to share the frame with my old friends and amazing actors Sharib Hashmi and Girish Sharma. My character Amol was easy to get into and being directed by Saumitra was something I was looking forward to since a while. It’s a very well written and well-directed film and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Nanda Yadav says, “Working with Saumitra is a delight for me, he seemed sorted as a director. He had our preparations done before going on set so we all were on the same page. I had seen his previous films The Wallet and Painful Pride and now I got to work with him in KalaBai. I shared the screen with Sharib Hashmi, who is a very dear friend. You won’t feel a single dull moment around Sharib. He is such a happy face and space.”

Rajat Arora shares, “It was a wonderful experience to work in KalaBai from Byculla. I’ve already worked with director Saumitra Singh in his previous projects and I love his passion and dedication towards his work. It was delightful to work with amazing actors like Padmini Sardesai Ma’am, Sharib Hashmi and Shruti Bapna and to learn from them. Shashwat Joshi Sir, being the producer of this film was very co-operative throughout the shoot. This story has fun and light-hearted essence to it and this emotion reflected on sets also while working with my co-actors-cum-friends Nanda Yadav, Simran Kaur Suri, Girish Sharma and Ritik Ghanshani. All in all, it was a joyful journey.”

Girish Sharma adds, “Since the cast and crew are all friends, so I would say it was an artistic get together where we were working and having fun at the same time. I am sharing the screen with my college friend Simran Suri and Shruti Bapna, who was with me in Mardaani 2 as well and with Sharib, it was a much-awaited venture. I thank Saumitra for giving me this jolly Sardar character Gulati, who shows he is very sophisticated but Punjabi nikal he jaati hai. Saumitra is a director with great vision who gives fair liberty to his artists to play around the script in the scenes. It’s my second project with him and I wish him all the best.”

Ritik Ghanshani says, “I would want to start with thanking the director Saumitra Singh. He didn’t only cast me in the movie but also directed me through the process with a lot of patience and tenderness. This short film had a lot to offer to me especially in the learning aspect. Working with senior actors like Padmini ma’am, Sharib sir and Shruti ma’am was indeed a great experience. I got to learn and improve myself on many minutes yet important aspects. I am thankful for this opportunity and exposure to Jack N Jill Pictures and the entire team of KalaBai from Byculla.”