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Miss Eity won the ‘Bollywood Town Emerging Star 2020 contest

Bollywood Town Emerging Star 2020 Miss Eity

Miss Eity of Agra (Uttar Pradesh) became the winner of ‘Bollywood Town Emerging Star 2020’ contest. The result is announced today. The same is confirmed by one of the organizing committee member Manoj Rathod.

Applications for the contest were received from more than 20 cities of India for this unique online contest. This is organized by India’s one of the leading entertainment magazines ‘Bollywood Town’. Headquartered in Mumbai, Bollywood Town has spread its wing in various cities of India.

Apart from Miss Eity, the other 4 contestants of the final round are, Umesh Tiwari (Delhi), Amit Chakravorty (Bilaspur), Miss Gopi Velary (Mumbai) and Varun Sain (Delhi).

Manoj Rathod says “First of all I congratulate Miss Eity for winning this contest. I’m happy to know that our winner is from a small town. We have provided equal opportunity to all the participants whether they are from metro cities or from a small town. Till round one of the contest the scenario was something else but when it came to final round things changed drastically. I thank from the bottom of my heart to the jury members for giving their valuable time and cooperation. We wish Miss Eity for her bright future.”