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Menopause isn’t a lesser important women issue, says Painful Pride producer Maansi

Painful Pride producer Maansi

Maansi, who backed Painful Pride that stars Pallavi Joshi and Rituraj Singh in the lead roles and deals with an issue like Menopause, that is still a taboo in the society believes that it is not a lesser important issue.

While several male and female celebrities are promoting campaign #ItsJustaPeriod on social media currently, Maansi throws light on an equally concerning issue Menopause.

Maansi feels, “I do believe that Menopause is a lesser talked issue and that’s where the idea to make a short film Painful Pride was stemmed. I wonder, how people are comfortable to talk about periods and menstruation but still find Menopause as a taboo. I strongly feel that this is a serious issue too. Women not only go through depression during this phase but also face physical and emotional issues especially relationship issues with their partners, kids, older parents or even at their work front.”

“While it is a silent issue where women are not allowed to talk freely with their families and workplaces, I don’t understand, why they are not standing for this and voicing it. Being a woman, it’s my responsibility to create awareness and consider this issue more seriously,” she adds.

Talking about women experiencing Menopause, she shares, “During the ongoing pandemic, a lot of women are facing menopause. With the increasing issues like work from home, stress, lack of sleep, balancing household chores, managing kids and so on. However, it is good to see a lot of male/female celebrities talking about menstruation then why not on Menopause?”

“Through Painful Pride, I along with my social media team have been running several kinds of campaigns that help in raising awareness about it such as myths around Menopause was an important campaign to do. We are also doing a campaign around the survey on women dealing with Menopause in the current scenario of the pandemic,” Maansi tells on executing campaigns.