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Meet Hirav Shah- The Man Behind Viral Podcast Named ‘Telepathy : Muh Me Ghee Shakkar”

Hirav Shah Podcast Telepathy

For #NewYearNewResolution2022

A viral podcast posted on 6th January 2022 by Hirav Shah, prominent Astro strategist and Business Astrologer, has gone viral for its awe-inspiring message. In the short video, Hirav Shah talks about his unique take on the 2022 New Year resolution- a little something to bring joy in our regular lives. Shah’s brainchild and the now-viral trend ‘Telepathy’ focuses on creating a fresh chain of positivity and treasure by wishing your loved one’s goodwill and fortune.

“Wish your associates good fortune, rather than long life”- this motto of Hirav Shah seems to have resonated with thousands of Indians. The video is gaining fast traction from social media users with over 30k views in just 24 hours. The 1 minute 53 seconds clip elaborates on Hirav Shah’s take on #resolution2022 and life in general.

According to him, if you have money in your bank account, 70-80% of your life problems disappear in an instant. So, for any auspicious or ‘Telepathy’ occasion, wishing someone with loads of prosperity is better than wishing them with long life and kids.

The creator of this trend- Hirav Shah is considered India’s leading business astrologer, Astro strategist and Trendsetter. Shah is a pioneer in introducing Astro Strategy™ for Business revolution to increase the certainty of success. He combines Business Principles with Astrology and brings strategic solutions to the table while maintaining absolute confidentiality. Being the top influencer and advisor in the fields of Real Estate, Sports, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tourism, Corporate Business, Politics & more, his contribution towards transforming several lives has been paramount.

Under his knowledgeable guidance, several companies have prospered and blossomed into successful business endeavours. With a mammoth social media presence of over 300,000 followers, Hirav Shah’s words of wisdom have brought enlightenment to many lives.

Shah emphasises that this year (2022), it’s time for a change, updated goals and fresh perspectives. Manifest good fortune for your near and dear and good things will come your way soon.

NewYear! New resolution! A new chain of positivity with ‘Telepathy’!

Let’s kick start this year with Hirav Shah and his new trend ‘Telepathy’- a special something that brings a smile or a ray of hope to someone you love.