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Lockdown was the turning point of singer Sehnoor’s life

Lockdown was the turning point of singer Sehnoor’s life

The Actress and singer, Sehnoor’s recent song, “Badan Pe Sitare” has been going viral post the covid lockdown with the overflow of public love and complements over her latest album release. Stepping into the limelight with her acting debut in the music video “Girlfriend” which also received outstanding response from her audience, Sehnoor opened up about how the lockdown was pivotal to her career and life choices.

The singer opens up about how the lockdown gave her time to think and stir her destiny in a different direction. From an engineer who worked in numerous companies, to a worldwide sensation, Sehnoor rose to fame instantly on the sole bases of her amazing talents. We see her singing debut in the remake version of “Badan Pe Sitare” with the talented bigg boss finalist, Asim Riaz, which was shot while the country was shut. The tremendously positive feedback to the song made the backbone of her self-assurance, having Sehnoor confidently dive into the industry knowing this is what she wants to do.

When asked about her opinions on this drastic decision, Sehnoor said, ” Lockdown has been a difficult time for everyone and i was no exception. Even i faced hardships and even i faced ups and downs, but somewhere down the line, these hardships make us stronger and they helped me come back with a whole new energy. I decided that I should get up and fullfill my dreams and i chose to be happy and to do what i want. I feel blessed and overwhelmed by the response I received for the latest album and the line-up of amazing projects offers that i have currently.”

The talented all-rounder is ready to take the challenges of the journey head-on and is currently even reading scripts for prospective movies and has a line-up of music video offers to take her pick from. We definitely cannot wait to see Sehnoor in her upcoming projects after she teased us on her social media recently with a glimpse of her photoshoot for a new song.