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Lizaa Malik gives her fans a sneak-peek into her diet regime, gears up for a very special project going forward

Lizaa Malik's diet regime

Lizaa Malik is one of the finest and most disciplined performing artistes in the country. While she’s always been recognised for her incredible talent as a singer, one thing that always makes her an inspiring personality among the audience is her discipline, lifestyle choices and unlimited motivation. Despite all the hurdles and challenges that she’s faced recently regarding her health, none of it actually managed to get the better of her mental strength. She was earlier diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and slowly and steadily, she’s recovered from the same. Although her workout routine has taken a bit of a hit due to her health complications, she seems to have figured out an alternative way to ensure she achieves her fitness and body goals for her upcoming project.

Yes that’s right. Lizaa is currently following a really disciplined and balanced diet to achieve her body goals for her next project and well, the diet will blow your mind for real.

For breakfast, she prefers white oats (in water) & Black coffee with lemon. The other alternatives are 1 Bowl Corn & 1 Black coffee with lemon & 1 orange or egg-white omelette or egg white omelette sandwich. Even Brown bread sandwich (tomato,onion& cucumber) alongside coffee with lemon and cucumber works. Her brunch is usually about green tea or any form of fresh juice. Her lunch is primarily about mixed vegetables and eggs or dal, salads and tofu without involvement of any masala or added extra ingredients. She prefers a cup of green tea or black coffee in the evening and at night for dinner, she prefers vegetables, moong dal, mushrooms, salads and egg whites. She’s completely avoiding any form of sugar, extra salt, gravy item, desserts and is almost thriving on negligible to zero oil.

Well, seeing the same, we can totally get a complete understanding of Lizaa Malik and her unparalleled dedication and commitment towards her fitness level. She’s truly the perfect embodiment of the fact that if an individual wants to achieve something at any cost and despite all limitations, he or she eventually always will despite all the hurdles coming their way. Kudos to Lizaa for getting things right and here’s wishing her complete recovery while simultaneously hoping that she continues to inspire the youth the right way like this. Stay tuned for more updates.