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Kangana Ranaut does overtime for Manikarnika, gears up for Anurag Basu’s next

Kangana Ranaut does overtime for Manikarnika, gears up for Anurag Basu’s next

After playing a demanding and physically challenging role in Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi Kangana Ranaut will be seen playing kabaddi player in Ashwiny Iyer’s Panga. She will also be re-uniting with Rajkumar Rao and Anurag Basu for a movie titled Imli.
Commenting about working again with Anurag Basu, Kangana said, “He taught me what ‘acting’ truly is and I owe my interesting career graph to him. We met again after a long gap during which I have grown as an actress, but with him I’m still a child who has a lot to learn”.
There have been numerous rumours floating about Kangana has had a fallout with the director of Manikarnika, Krish. Denying those allegations, Kangana said that they speak on an everyday basis. Krish has another release on January 11, and could give dates only after that. She adds, “After unveiling the first poster on August 15, we had the choice of coming on Republic Day or Independence Day, 2019. We decided to push for the former. The writers want certain transitional scenes shot before the release, I’ve assured the studio I won’t leave Manikarnika even if it means rescheduling dates and sacrificing personal time.”

Kangana has put in a lot of hard work for the movie Manikarnika and the movie is currently taking up most of her time. “I am consumed by the film from 8 AM to post midnight. It’s a huge responsibility, I broke down the other day. Now, I’ve decided to take it one day at a time and do what I can to the best of my ability. Fortunately, I have a great team with me.”
The talented actress will begin rehearsals for Panga in September and kick off Anurag’s film in November but Imli has now been pushed to next year because Manikarnika is priority. She even cancelled a five-six days schedule of Mental Hai Kya in Lonavala because she had to finish the patchwork on Manikarnika that has come up after the first edit because that film will release first.
On the personal front, when asked if she is pestered by the family to settle down. Kangana answered, “Of course, more so now that I am 31, but my family understands that I need a life partner who will be my match in every way so doesn’t push me into making a commitment. Men and women want different things from a relationship. Men are driven by their primal instincts while women are not. They want more than physical gratification and are judged for that by being called ‘clingy’ and ‘needy’. Right now, I am single and not seeing anyone so there’s no maternal instinct and urge to extend my family, I’m happy with the one I have. If God wants me to have more, it will happen when the time is right”.

Kangana Ranaut certainly has an interesting line up for us in 2019 and we are very excited about all the movies.

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