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Munish Maya finds Ralph Lauren’s NickYanka Wedding Attires Magical

Munish Maya finds Ralph Lauren’s NickYanka wedding attires magical


For the very first time, ace designer Ralph Luren ditched his self-created protocol – designing only for his kins. Ralph stands as the main man behind the wedding outfits of the two much talked about celebrities – Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Stated as an emotional ground for breaking the protocol, the American designer had earlier asked Nick and Priyanka to walk together at the Met Gala event in 2017 without being aware of the ongoing affair between the two.

Inspired by the veteran, India’s first fashion influencer and model, Munish Maya, looks up to Ralph as his role model. Referring to the most recent designs of Ralph, Munish stated, “NickYanka’s wedding attires, conceptualized and designed by Ralph, are magical. I am truly in love with his work. Ralph’s decision to break his own policies and regulations only indicate the fact that we are humans, and that makes us emotional at the same time. Ralph started his journey from scratch and made huge contributions in the fashion industry. I adore him and his timeless designs.”

With almost 1 million fans on social media, Munish Maya is India’s first global brand ambassador who looks forward to changing the fashion trends of the country, as he believes that India can match the standards of world-class designers.

With an aim to change the existing stereotypical image of Indian fashion trends across many countries, Munish feels that Indians are quick in realising and embracing. The reason behind Ralph being his role model is due to the fact that he is a self-made artist who started from scratch and made huge contributions to the fashion industry.


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