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“India’s youth can steer us towards a new dawn,” says Anand Pandit

The veteran producer hopes his own Centre for Film Production Management will enourage the new generation to learn the business of cinema

January 12 is National Youth Day and veteran producer Anand Pandit believes this year’s theme, “Channelising Youth Power for Nation Building” is perfectly appropriate for a country where the population is amongst the youngest in an ageing world. He says, “If we harness this enormous youthful energy that we have, we will be unstoppable as a nation. Every young person deserves opportunities to grow to their full potential. And when they live up to their potential, the country grows exponentially too.”

The Roopa and Anand Pandit Centre for Film Production Management in Ahmedabad that was inaugurated in 2018, is his dream project that he hopes will help many young people to fulfil their dreams.

He recalls the motivation behind starting the Centre, “Without the mentoring and encouragement I received as a young person, I would not have reached as far as I have. Opportunities create success stories. I was fortunate enough to receive mentoring, good advice, encouragement to grow as an individual and a dreamer. Today, I want this institute to mentor young people and provide them with the confidence that anything is possible.”

He is also planning youth-centric film projects in the near future and adds, “As a producer, I feel it is imperative to encourage young talent in all areas of film-making and I am constantly on the lookout for it. I want to make more films where the young are central to the narrative.”