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“COVID 19 has made OTT Platforms fundamentally stronger” – Producer Sam Fernandes

Producer Sam Fernandes on COVID 19

OTT platforms are gaining so much prominence within the entertainment sector today that it is just unavoidable. Streaming platforms are an evolution for the entertainment business and it almost feels like, for a certain generation, we are afraid to grow along with it.

“After creating multiple projects over the course of my life i feel that this pandemic has created a space for OTT platforms and with everything that is going on we need to embrace this” as said by Sam Fernandes In the earlier times before television came out, there used to be only theaters that provided such entertainment which then moved on to satellite channels. “It is sad with what has become of the state with this pandemic but instead of cowering we need to rise up and embrace what is in front of us” as powerfully stated by Sam Fernandes.

Theatrical experience is here to stay and there is no changing the fact that each individual loves going to theaters, having popcorn, and watching a movie together with friends and strangers alike. That joy is something that can never be taken away. Evolving with this idea, the entertainment of this country is aligning itself with streaming platforms making it possible to have this same experience at the comfort of your home with your friends and family.

Sam Fernandes, a Film producer, said that, “As an artist and a producer it is amazing to see people working together to connect and create with the audience and critics so that they are able to enjoy movies and shows at the inside their personal bubble.