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‘I’m proud of my daughter’ – Kangana’s Mother!

Kangana Ranaut with her mother

On Mother’s Day, Kangana Ranaut’s mother, Mrs. Asha Ranaut expresses her happiness about her daughter’s achievements. She talks about how Kangana has done her proud over the years with her dedication and persistance. She reveals a few special qualities of Kangana.

Kangana Ranaut with her mother

Here’s what Mrs. Asha Ranaut said, “Not only me, but the entire family is known because of Kangana. This is the best gift any child can give to their mother. The place she is at, in terms of her achievements is a matter of pride for the entire family. My daughter is very capable and she has always dealt with her problems herself. No one has ever helped her in this journey. She inherits the qualities of truthfullness, honesty and self-dependance from me. She also inherits the quality of never giving up and I’ve seen her do her best always. She has very well applied these qualities in her personal and professional life. Such traits are always clearly visible in her decisions.

I would like to congratulate all the mothers whose daughters have achieved something staying away from the family, without assistance or help, and are now making the family proud. Also, love to all the daughters who make their parents proud with their hardwork. My daughter Kangana is making the entire Himachal Pradesh proud.”
- Mrs. Asha Ranaut

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