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Ihana Dhillon keeps her Holi 2024 celebrations ‘lowkey’, spends time with her family in Punjab

Talented and gorgeous actress Ihana Dhillon is a diva of many talents. The actress is fresh from the success of her successful Punjabi project titled ‘Je Paisa Bolda Hunda’ and no wonder, she’s in a happy space of mind. What makes the project even more special for Ihana is the fact that not just acting, she even showed the world of entertainment brilliantly that she’s a successful Producer as well. As a performing artiste, the biggest challenge one has to face is to successfully juggle between work and personal life to create a healthy work-life balance.   Given the kind of busy lifestyle she usually leads, more often than not, she’s unable to do it. However, this time, on the occasion of Holi, she did manage to spend quality time with family. But hey, did she indulge in playing Holi much herself? Well, the answer is no. On being asked to speak more about the same, Ihana said and we quote,

“Usually, I do like Holi and we as a family get together to celebrate the festival after Holika-Dahan. This time however, the celebrations were a little lowkey for me and the entire family due to certain personal reasons. However, I got to spend quality time with my mother and everyone else here in Punjab and I believe, it’s all about feeling the vibe at the end of the day. Sometimes you want to bring out the inner child and enthusiasm outside and celebrate a lot and sometimes, you want to keep things very simple and lowkey. For me, this year was the latter and there’s no regret about it. None the less, I hope all my fans and well-wishers had a great Holi 2024. God bless one and all.”

Well, kudos to Ihana Dhillon for working out some time for herself and her family amidst her hectic and busy schedule. On the work front, Ihana Dhillon is currently enjoying the success of ‘Je Paisa Bolda Hunda’ and soon, we are set to hear more amazing announcements from her end as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.