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Ihana Dhillon is super excited for her upcoming Punjabi film ‘Je Paisa Bolda Hunda’, shares sneak-peek details for fans prior to release

Ihana Dhillon is one artiste in the Indian entertainment industry who successfully manages to balance between multiple walks of life. From acting to production, she has the ability and talent to manage all of it with brilliance and that’s exactly what we are all set to see soon with her upcoming project ‘Je Paisa Bolda Hunda’ as well. The Punjabi movie is set to release in cinemas on 23rd February 2024 and there’s a lot of excitement and anticipation around it. What’s important to note is that some of the songs of the movie that are already out have been appreciated widely by the audience and that makes us all the way more excited for the movie. For Ihana, this project has her heart for multiple reasons. When asked to share certain details about the project and her association etc, Ihana shares and we quote,

“Well, this is indeed very special for me. This Punjabi film is set to release on 23rd February, 2024 and the countdown has started. I am producing the film as well as acting in it in the lead role. Hardeep Grewal is playing the lead opposite me. The name of my character is Rani and it is quite an interesting character. The film starts from the time when we get married. My character is of someone who’s very simple, not very educated and henceforth belongs to an average family who’s not very rich. My marriage happens with a bus driver and the real struggle happens after that. My character is someone who’s very emotional, simple, innocent and honest and so is my partner. The fun part starts when the couple finds a bag suddenly that has 5 lakhs. I am obviously not going to reveal much about the movie. But yes, will leave it at a cliffhanger for you all to guess and figure out what happens when two people of such nature suddenly get 5 lakhs? Is it about taking the honest route or they go towards corruption? We will leave it for you to guess right now till the time the film releases in cinemas near you. No plot twist allowed folks. All I can say is that this is a simple family comedy film with a lot of emotions. Also since my character is not very rich or lavish, everything right from the tan, makeup and everything has been done accordingly to make things relatable for the audience. A lot of hard work has gone into making this both as a Producer and as an actor. Here’s hoping you all enjoy it once it releases in cinemas near you. Fingers crossed and staying positive from my end.”

Well, sounds really exciting and fascinating, ain’t it? Here’s wishing the talented and hardworking Ihana all the very best for this movie and everything that she does going forward. Stay tuned for more updates.