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Harsh Rajput Opens up about Pishachini going off air soon

Harsh Rajput Opens up about Pishachini

Harsh Rajput starring show Pishachini is rumored to go off-air on December 23. The supernatural drama, which featured Nyrra M Banerji, and Jiya Shankar, alongside Harsh Rajput in lead roles, began on August 8 this year. It that the show is bidding adieu to its television viewers in just five months. However, it will continue to air on the channel’s OTT platform, Voot.

Since August, Harsh is aceing the role of Rakshit “Rocky” opposite Jiya Shankar and Nyra Banerjee in the TV show Pishachini. The story of Pishachini revolves around the town of Bareilly. The show has been quite successful in entertaining audiences with unexpected magic and drama and will surely be missed on TV.

Talking about the show, Harsh says, “It is not confirmed but yes the show was always supposed to be a finite one, that is 100 episodes which are around 23rd December. The show is so well received, so loved and has done quite well in the few months. I think the charm of a good show is knowing where to call it an end and not merely dragging the story. That way it will always be remembered as a great show which remained true to its own.”

Letting us into the upcoming story of the show, Harsh says, “The upcoming track of the show is turning out to be very interesting. Rocky has become the strongest and most powerful, Agni Vetal and Rocky and Rani are going to get married which will make them more powerful. They will be able to share and exchange their powers and that’s what will make them invincible. It’s going to be extremely enthralling to see Pavitra bringing back the family together by bringing back Rocky so the viewers are in for an amazing time ahead I can say.”